Spice Girls!

The Council on Diva Discography

16-02-2022 • 1 hora 9 min

On a special assignment,  Kristin must run Adrian through the entire discography of the Spice Girls and their respective solo careers. Never one to Give Up on the Good Times, she takes the assignment very seriously, even though some would say it's simply Too Much. Let the council Spice Up Your Life and take you on a nostalgic journey from an open call audition looking for Wannabe stars to the moment 1 Become 5 and beyond. Will the Saturday Night Divas ever Stop? Well, there's no Denying friendship never ends.

Warning: If U Can't Dance, this isn't the episode for you.

Follow along with full discography highlights at the playlist links below:


YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj0xTKdkeoGgxCTj_A_IdA12oxy4HbFGJ

*** Alternate Adrian Description: join emmy, viktaria, mal b, mal d, and gary on a trip around the wold. power girl!