Exploring the Enneagram with Dr. E

Dr. Deborah Egerton

This show is designed to empower you to show up in the world as your true authentic self. Our focus is on helping you to discover the Enneagram and engage your knowledge to become more aware, present, accepting and alive.The Enneagram helps you to understand why you do what you do. You cannot change other people.You can change your reaction and response to others, especially across differences.If you are wondering what you can do to become all that you are intended to be, this show is exactly what you have been looking for. Learn about your own personality archetype and how to better understand other people, especially those that you just don’t “get.” When we think of differences, it is important to think of the relationships that have been broken or become unhealthy as a result of differing perspectives and opposing beliefs. Using the Enneagram as a foundation we can begin to rebuild and restore these seeming irreparable divides across our differences and bring us back to humanity. read less
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