Louie: Two Sides of an Institution

When You're Invisible

05-12-2022 • 25 min

Louie worked alongside Ralph at the Columbia University package center, which was an oasis for me in a high stress environment. Being two Latin kids around the same age, Louie and I experienced two sides of this elite institution – me as a student, and Louie as an employee. Louie, ever positive, manages to distill life lessons from encounters with students and colleagues. He also shares his experience of being the oldest of three growing up ‘free range’ in the Dominican Republic and the clash between that and his working class life in the States.

“They would never respect us as they should have. One day, I just thought, they're gonna go on and live their life like nothing ever happened…and I'm stuck in the mailroom, still thinking about what just happened…so I would just brush it off. Who is it hurting, that person or is it hurting you?” –Louie

Creator & Host: Maria Fernanda Diez

Executive Producers: Gisselle Bances, Anna Stumpf, Nikki Ettore

Producer: Pablo Cabrera, Arlene Santana

Associate Producer: Claudia Marticorena

Original Theme Music: Tony Bruno

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