Anicia: A Seat at the Table

When You're Invisible

12-12-2022 • 31 min

Anicia is an entrepreneur and works as a personal chef and nanny for the ultra-wealthy in New York City. Having met on a photoshoot, Anicia and I bonded over our shared experiences walking into these homes as educated women of color. She’s a first generation Nigerian American and discusses the complexities of power and personhood and some shocking stories from behind the scenes of this industry. In our conversation, the problems surrounding America’s fascination with celebrity and wealth collide with the desire for mobility and representation.

“You go into survival mode and you’re like: ‘Okay, how do I just get through the next hour?’ You start to think about: 'Am I gonna need this money for the next four to six weeks?’ I think the world needs to know that it is far from privilege to be able to work with the privileged.” –Anicia

Check out resources like the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, NYC’s Statement of Employee Rights for Household Employees, and these support groups for restaurant workers who have experienced abuse.

Creator & Host: Maria Fernanda Diez

Executive Producers: Gisselle Bances, Anna Stumpf, Nikki Ettore

Producer: Pablo Cabrera, Arlene Santana, Dylan Heuer

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