Claudia and Francisco: My Parents’ Immigrant Story

When You're Invisible

16-01-2023 • 53 min

My parents often had to take risks in pursuit of change, whether emigrating from Mexico or taking a leap of faith on a job that moved our family across the country. They open up about their childhoods in Mexico, and their journey from food stamps to the middle class. Being away from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Mexico, our nuclear family has always been close and we unpack what we’ve learned from each other, be it American expressions or more complex conversations about race, sexuality, and Latinidad. Our season finale breaks down their lived experiences as in-betweeners and the ways in which belonging to more than one country, culture, and socioeconomic background has expanded their worldview.

“I cannot say that I ever had the American dream, to be honest. It's been an accident in my life. Let's put it that way.” –Francisco

“There is a story behind each person, and if we are able to embrace those people and just recognize them as a person, what a difference that will make.” –Claudia

Creator: Maria Fernanda Diez

Executive Producers: Gisselle Bances, Anna Stumpf, Nikki Ettore

Producer: Dylan Heuer

Associate Producer: Claudia Marticorena

Original Theme Music: Tony Bruno

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