The Three Ws For Success

Love Your Work Life with Elissa Shuck

16-10-2023 • 18 min

The key to ensuring you don't repeat mistakes and repeat successes is to evaluate. In some industries, it's called a post-mortem. It's a way to bring people together and figure out how to do more of what you want and less of what you don't.

A simple framework for post-mortems is asking yourself three simple questions:

What worked?

What didn't work?

What would we do differently?

These three Ws are especially powerful when you apply them to yourself and your career.

Elissa likes to include them when you prepare for your interview (listen to learn how).

In Episode 128, Elissa will also teach you how you can make little shifts in these questions to evaluate your past, present, and future so you can identify more of what you need to experience success in your career.

There's always stuff that works. Start there. Feel good about it. Then move on to the other two questions without judgment. Evaluate often, and you'll find yourself moving toward achieving your goals more consistently.



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