EP 20: A Pathway to Eating for Soil Health, Nature's Hidden Medicine, + Fast Food Culture

The Soil Collective

10-10-2022 • 40 min

This week on The Soil Collective, we introduce our new podcast host, Katie Hussong! Katie and Kristyn met through Dr. Zach Bush’s coaching training course called the Coaches Journey of Intrinsic Health. Through a variety of health challenges and two different stressful careers - one as a teacher and one as an ER nurse - Katie ended up finding her way to the soil for healing. She talks about her transition through a variety of eating choices that ultimately brought her to an understanding that the way food is grown matters to our health.

We explore what Katie is diving into these days - aligning ourselves with nature through rhythms - and talk a lot about circadian rhythms and how the sun is nature’s most misunderstood medicine.

Finally, we dive into a conversation about slow food versus fast food culture, looking at how those values permeate throughout our modern culture and how that trickles straight down to the soil.

Join us as we kick off a new season for The Soil Collective!

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Book referenced: We Are What We Eat by Alice Waters

Journey of Intrinsic Health