Streaming choices, financial advice for Taylor Swift fans, the SAG-AFTRA strike and a noisy US Open | Bonus sports & entertainment episode

Hot Off The Wire

02-09-2023 • 9 min

Welcome to the weekly bonus episode of Hot off the Wire, where we look back at some of the top headlines from the week in the world of sports and entertainment.

As always, be sure to check out our latest episode of Streamed & Screened, a podcast dedicated to movies and television.

This week Bruce Miller talks about some movies getting less buzz than the big summer blockbusters that you won’t want to miss as they will likely gain traction as awards season approaches.

Listen to the latest episode of Streamed & Screened here.

Also, on this week’s episode of our personal finance podcast PennyWise, we have an episode dedicated to the Swifties, with financial advice before you splurge on Taylor Swift tickets or merch.

Listen to the Taylor Swift episode of PennyWise here.

This week’s top headlines include:

  • An update on the actors strike with a star from “Breaking Bad.”
  • Legendary game show host Bob Barker died.
  • And the US Open has become the noisiest Grand Slam tournament.

Those stories and more from The Associated Press.

But first, Bruce Miller and I discuss streaming platforms during the latest episode of Streamed & Screened. And then we have a clip from our PennyWise podcast on saving money for Taylor Swift.

— Compiled and narrated by Terry Lipshetz from Associated Press reports

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