#321: Healing is the Path to Growing Your Business with Julie Costa

Own Your Choices Own Your Life

04-11-2021 • 45 min

Today we are speaking with Business Coach + Hypnotherapist, Julie Costa. From personal trainer/group fitness instructor to being fired from a 10-year corporate career, Julie is a Business Coach + Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses through aligned business strategy, social media visibility + mindset mastery so that you can show up, stand out + sell out!

In the beginning stages of starting her coaching business, Julie was on a constant roller coaster of not feeling good enough, questioning her worth, and doubting whether she could achieve her big business goals. Working on her mindset was a game-changer. And incorporating subconscious reprogramming truly changed everything.

You see, once you reprogram the limiting beliefs that hold you back, the sky's the limit. Because of Julie's very own experiences + transformation with incorporating subconscious reprogramming, she became certified in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and Life + Success Coaching, and she's beyond excited to be incorporating these modalities, techniques + practices into her business coaching to support YOU in reprogramming the limiting beliefs that have been holding YOU back.

In this episode we discuss:

1) Julie shares her story of loss, grief, forgiveness, and healing and how it truly is a journey and it is many important steps to getting in alignment with your business.

2) Julie explains the process of healing using subconscious re-programming, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and healing old wounds and how this has changed the work she does today.

3) How we are always allowed to grow, change, pivot, expand, and step into the next stage of our life. We are humans who are always evolving and changing.

Connect with Julie Website: https://www.juliemcosta.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/julie.m.costa

Email: julie@juliemcosta.com

Work with Julie:

Business Breakthrough Sessions Business Coaching Instagram Coaching Hypnotherapy Sessions https://www.juliemcosta.com/workwithme

Marsha Vanwynsberghe — Author, Speaker, and Life Coach Marsha is the 6-time Bestselling Author of “When She Stopped Asking Why”. She shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse far past the level of normal experimentation. Through her programs, coaching, and live events for women, Marsha is on a mission to teach you how to “Own Your Choices” in your own life. She teaches women how to own their stories, lead themselves and pay it forward to others by creating businesses that serve, support, and impact others.

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