Getting Drilled and Giving Back (Live at DIA) - Dr. Brady Smith and Lowell Granath

The ALL-IN Podcast

30-12-2021 • 18 min

This episode of The All-In Podcast was recorded LIVE at Dental Influencers Alliance in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Brady Smith and Lowell Granath join your host Shane McElroy for this very special episode.  Brady and Lowell are the Co-Hosts of the Drilled with Dr. Brady podcast and co-founders of the Halo Dental Network, which is a charitable organization giving dentistry free to those who cannot afford it.  These two guys are hilarious and a ton of fun, so don't miss this episode.

Finally, if you are a dentist or work for a dental manufacturing company, connect with Halo Dental Network to give back to those who need it most at


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