Comedian Leslie Liao's Love For LA (And Secretly, OC Too)

How To LA

01-05-2024 • 20 min

#273: Leslie Liao is an L.A.-based stand-up comedian, actress and writer who went from working at Netflix (in the HR department) to now being on Netflix.

For a long time she was juggling both her corporate job and stand up, but she went full time with comedy this year. She was featured in the streamer’s series called "Verified Stand-Up," she’s been on "The Tonight Show," and she’ll be performing in the Netflix is a Joke Fest starting this Thursday (May 2) in L.A.

A lot of Leslie’s comedy focuses on dating in L.A., and what it was like growing up in a predominantly white suburb of Orange County as a Chinese American. She sat down with How To LA at The Hollywood Improv to talk about how she got started, what it’s like being a working comedian in L.A., and even shared some dating tips too.