Connect To Yourself — And Others — Through Dance

How To LA

30-04-2024 • 17 min

#272: We're back with another episode in our How Not To Be Lonely in L.A. series.

Brian is out but, today, How To LA producer Megan Botel takes over the mic and explores these questions: What does it mean to connect to yourself, and why is it important for warding off feelings of loneliness? How do you do it? And in a group setting?

One way is to do the things you loved as a kid and connect with that "inner child."  For Megan, that was ballet, so we are checking out Studio A, a funky little dance studio tucked behind the Hyperion Arts Building in Silver Lake.

Guests: Cati Jean, dance instructor and choreographer at Studio A; Cat Moore, director of belonging at USC, dance student.

For more on the importance of moving in sync with others while connecting to oneself, read her LAist article here: