The Case From Israel

Israel Law & Liberty Forum

The Case from Israel is a podcast on Israeli law and democracy from the Israel Law and Liberty Forum. Together, we're going to delve deeply into Israel's political and legal ideas, meet the major figures who have shaped our society, and share perspectives on the biggest debates facing this incredible little country as it continues to shape its very democracy after 75 years. If you care about Israeli security, its Jewish and democratic character, its start-up nation, its social cohesion – this is the conversation for you. Join this new discussion on Israel's past, its present, and most especially, a vision for a vibrant and flourishing future rooted in shared values and a mutual commitment to each other. Let's work together to make the case. Host: Aylana Meisel Co-hosts: Adv. Yonatan Green, Adv. Shimon Nataf More information on the Israel Law & Liberty Forum: The Israel Law and Liberty Forum is a movement of lawyers, judges, students, and other individuals who are interested in Israeli law and policy. The Forum advances nuanced discussion and debate based on four core principles: the separation of powers, judicial restraint, individual liberty, and limited government. We support debates, conferences, seminars, and other educational activities for students as well as professional lawyers with the aim of fostering new thought on how to improve Israeli law and governance. Website: Youtube: read less