Chasing Memory - An Introduction to the Podcast

Chasing Memory...

20-03-2023 • 14 min

Chasing Memory is a podcast that sheds a new light on history. Rather than simply digging into and regurgitating big history facts - this podcast will instead focus on the local history, tying in big history where it fits in the lives of those everyday people who made up the communities of central Missouri. By treating history as more of a stream of memory, the podcast intends to make history palatable, entertaining - and show that history is not simply made up of the big names; but the small or unknown as well - and that these lives were just as full of passion, suffering, tragedy, joys, and triumphs as those in the big history about which we know so much.

This is not a political podcast. It will at times, however, touch on topics that are unflattering or uncomfortable. I approach it from the standpoint that history is just that - history. The memories and perceptions of one individual of history will not match those of another. They may even conflict. In this way we find that history mirrors are modern world in a way that should comfort us greatly - the struggles of the past are still with us, and our struggles are not so new as we might think. Our triumphs are similar to those of yesterday though the means, methods, and subjects perhaps are different.

Chasing Memory is the product of Mid-Missouri History Associates which is owned by Eric McNeal. The Facebook page can be found by following the link. All stories are original research belonging to the author.

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