EP 157: Thriving at midlife. Meet the Midlife Mentors

Fearlessly Facing Fifty

11-07-2022 • 36 min

Midlife can be challenging. During this episode you will meet a dynamic duo behind the Midlife Mentors. It’s time to step away from the madness we manifest in our attempts to attain goals that are unachievable, as we help you focus on the daily opportunities that redefine who and what you are, with the wisdom that comes with age.

Here's what we talk about in this episode with Midlife Mentors, Claire and James Davis.

  • How our hormones are changing in midlife for both women and men AND what we can do about i
  • Self-talk and improving ourselves.
  • Their 8-week “Midlife Method” program to regain control of body, mind, and life.
  • Improving our confidence at midlife.

This is a fun conversation, all about embracing our second half of life with joy and enthusiasm.

You can connect with Claire and James and learn more about them and their program at: www.themidlifementors.com or on Instagram at: @midlifementors


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