Episode 51 - Crusty Radio

The Miserable Failure Podcast

16-11-2021 • 50 min

Episode 51 is a Crusty Radio edition from the road. Sit back and enjoy some tunes with me...

Technical Production by Steve Rizun at Drive Studios in Toronto, Canada.

Bad Waitress - Live In Reverse
Blurtonia - The Privilege Is Real
Valerie Knox - Loki (Rancid cover)
The Filthy Radicals - Scavenger
Mikey And His Uke - American Jesus (Bad Religion cover)
No Big Deal - A Million Things
Organ Thieves - Big Thumbs (SNFU cover)
Black Cat Attack - At Midnight We Kill BCA
Lady Of The Dunes - Alchemy
Jean Genus & Friends - Twist Of Cain (Danzig cover)
The Slime - We Shine
Priestess - Lay Down
Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog


See ya next time...