Pat Pizzatti's Journey: From Argentina to Italy

Italian Roots and Genealogy

29-07-2023 • 39 min

Have you ever wondered about your family roots? Are you ready to journey back in time, tracing your ancestry through the ages? Join us as we walk down memory lane with Pat Pizzatti, a phenomenal woman whose 30-year-long pursuit to understand her Italian lineage has led her on an incredible adventure. With grandparents who immigrated to Argentina, and a great-grandfather who toiled on the train rails, Pat's family history is as riveting as it is diverse.

While her quest for Italian citizenship had its fair share of highs and lows, Pat managed to weave a captivating story around her family's history.  She takes us through the challenges of crafting clan names,  and the dramatic differences between the archives in the north and the south of Italy. To top it all, Pat also provides her Instagram account, for you to contact her to trace your roots.

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