#057: Gobbledygook by The Wendys

Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

14-02-2012 • 33 min

On episode #57 it's listener review time once again. This week we finally get to a suggestion by 'Chel over at the awesome I Hate The 90s blog and review the 1991 album Gobbledygook by The Wendys. Along with the Happy Mondays and Primal Scream, The Wendys were a part of the early 90s Madchester scene, but do The Wendys stack up to those legendary bands? Tune in to find out, then leave a comment at digmeoutpodcast.com or on our Facebook page.

Segments: 0:00-5:44 - Intro, 5:44-7:15 - History of the Band, 7:15-31:52 - Review, 31:52-32:43- Outro

Songs in this Episode: Something's Wrong Somewhere - Intro, Half Pie - 12:30, I Want You And I Want Your Friend - 13:51, Pulling My Fingers Off - 21:14, Soon Is Fine - Outro

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