#539 Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Sue Hay

Freedom from Attachment

23-12-2020 • 28 min

Sue was on a trajectory familiar to many of us—go to school and get a corporate job. She worked her way up in the design and branding field, ultimately managing a team of five people. She was “successful” but also busy, traveling too much, eating horribly and stressed out. This compounded over the years, resulting in stomach issues and back pain. Doctor’s couldn’t find the cause, so Sue started researching health and nutrition. Down the rabbit hole she went! She stuck with her job, but after changing her diet, her conditions disappeared. This moment of "wow" set her off on a new trajectory—if she could heal herself, she could help others do the same. “If you’re caught in that diet loop, it’s gotta be a mindset change first. You’ve gotta decide on healthy.” –Sue Hay Sue quit her job, retrained in nutrition and started Thrive magazine as a way to educate people about nutrition while cutting through the confusion. But health, she suggests, is more than just what you’re eating. It also includes where you spend your time, how you manage your stress and what your mindset is. People usually choose long-term health over diet fads when they’ve hit rock bottom. Listen to Sue share her own dietary transformation, and what’s important for each person to keep in mind on their quest to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Learn more about Sue and Thrive: Twitter: @thrivefeelalive Facebook: @thrivefeelalive Instagram: @thrivemagazine Magazine website:www.thrive-magazine.co.uk Join my FREE Facebook Group for free monthly challenges and ongoing support from me and my coaches: bit.ly/2WRdKBt Want to submit a question? Click here: bit.ly/AskTracyCrossley and watch live on Facebook every Thursday at 9 am PST. Sick of being insecurely attached? Click here to get my free meditative insecure attachment release: tracy-crossley.mykajabi.com/pl/140617