Of “Specs” and Speculations - How To Know What You Want in a Lady/Guy

Light and Truth Podcast

14-03-2022 • 21 min


Episode Three is here and we're starting a series!

In this series, we'll be exploring the differences between "Specs" (read: specifications) and Speculations. Okay...! (in English), what this means is that we'll be getting to understand what we really need in a partner versus what we THINK we want. Being able to differentiate between these two is really important to choosing who to be with.

In the first installment of this series, the focus is on how to know exactly what you/we all want in a partner. At the very basic level, we all want the same thing - someone who connects with us; who "gets" us and who feels like "home". This episode makes finding this "Special Someone" so easy by exploring a simplified template that leads to this important discovery.

It's high time we stopped running without "sight" into relationships. Love was never meant to be blind.

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