Savannahian Podcast Network

Hosted by Lindsey Bailey and Kelly Adams.

"Kelly and I believe that in a world that is constantly shifting, now more than ever, it is important to have self awareness. We wanted to bridge the gap between behavioral science and everyday living. Our mission has been to create a podcast that allows principles of psychology to be accessible for everyone in a fun way while also providing Savannahians an opportunity to contribute to the topic and have their own platform to tell the community who they are and how they are making a difference.

We have some exciting Savannahian guests that we hope inspire our audience. Some of our topics will be about why certain behaviors are addictive and the mechanisms behind it, how to set goals in our lives and frame them in a way that is successful, and breaking down the concept of preparation and how it sets us for positive outcomes.

We want our audience to feel like they learned something that they can apply to their lives and learn about someone that is doing great things in our community." - Lindsey Bailey read less
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