The Elephant In The Room Navigating A Lifetime Of Emotions

Jemma Regis

When it comes to managing and navigating emotions, Jemma is your lady. Back in 2011, she walked away from a 35-year life sentence with depression and since then has made it her mission in life to rid herself of her depressive and negative mindset, habits, and behavior patterns. It has not always been easy, but every step has been rewarding. As a successful businesswoman, Jemma hid behind the mask of success and a busy lifestyle. But when work was over, she had to face herself and her thoughts. Her thoughts controlled her emotions and her emotions dictated her actions, habits, and behavior patterns. Choosing life meant every part of her linked to her depressive triggers had to be destroyed in exchange for a completely new start, living life, experiencing the reality of her desires and being rebirthed. Since her rebirth, Jemma has used her journey and story to inspire, help, and support others on their freedom to emotional well-being journey. This podcast is for individuals surrounded by a crowd, yet isolated and led by their emotions. Secretly suffering bouts of depression and emotionally demotivated, they may even be in denial. Mentally strong but emotionally weak, they lack the tools to address, identify, or manage their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. What makes us think and behave the way we do and how can we change and undo negative behaviour and thinking patterns? read less
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