The Motherhood Mentorship with Kelly Bermingham

All About The Voice

25-02-2022 • 33 min

Kelly Bermingham is a mom, entrepreneur and founder of The Motherhood Mentorship Program and The Stressed Mom's System for Creating More Joy.

Kelly got tired of pretending enough trying to fit into the societal mold of expectations. She chose to listen to and to follow her inner knowing of what it truly meant to be a woman and a mother.

Now Kelly is on a mission to help busy working moms create simple systems so they can stress less and enjoy the journey more. She helps women step into their own beauty and shine as their authentic selves.

Kelly Bermingham is a voice for living as your authentic self and this is her story.

[4:44] Inner calling to nurture through kindness
[7:27] Pretending and trying to fit the mold
[9:11] Lying or Growing?
[14:39] About stress and creating community for mothers
[20:05] "Stressed out mom to creative joy" program
[23:01] Saying yes to so many things
[27:23] Message to the past self
[28:50] Message from the future self

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