From a Soldier to a Foster Parent - with Tony Erskine

All About The Voice

21-01-2022 • 34 min

Being shot by a sniper and returning into a machine gunfire to successfully defend his Scout team from an insurgent attack near Baghdad, Tony Erskine, today the Principal Software Engineer for CloudCard LLC, found that being a parent to his 3 natural and 26 adopted and foster children required more courage, more vision, and more faith than being under fire.

Connecting with Tony was literally finding a treasure.  Tony, a voice for courage to follow God’s will and this is his story

[1:16] $10 treasure that brought us together
[4:50]  Natural and supernatural kids
[7:37] From a good soldier to a good dad
[12:05] Journey of foster parenthood
[19:19] Feeling of belonging and foster children
[26:39] Message to the past self
[27:52] Message from the future self

"Parenting takes more courage than running into machine gunfire - I know" - Tony Erskine

" I've cried at more as a father and a husband, and I ever did as a soldier" - Tony Erskine

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