Listening to One's Story with Yvonne Caputo

All About The Voice

15-04-2022 • 32 min

Yvonne Caputo is a deliciously semi-retired author. VP of Human Resources, psychotherapist and trainer. Her life has changed in a radical way when she listened to her father in a brand new way, telling his stories of World War II.

Yvonne is a voice for truly listening to one's story and this is her story.

[1:19] Listening to the prompting

[5:12] Stories that became a book

[10:39] The same nightmare over and over again

[14:42] It's normal to be human

[18:10] From elementary school teacher to VP of human resources

[23:13] Telling a story matters

[27:09] Message to the past self

[28:01] Message from the future self

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