Modern Consciousness - with Stacie Shifflett

All About The Voice

07-01-2022 • 37 min

Through thick and thin, Stacie Shifflett has always followed the inner knowing of pursuing what she felt was best for her and her family.

Developing multiple successful businesses, healing through a loss of a child and a marriage, living a fulfilled life of travel and learning, Stacie defines being in heaven as having peace within your heart.

Stacie Shifflett is a voice for Modern Consciousness and this is her story.

[1:44] Funny shoes, llamas and business story
[6:01] A story of a very determined girl
[8:35] Good juicy business stories
[18:45] Loss of a child, anger phase and ignite moment
[22:45] Modern Consciousness
[24:45] Making assumptions and taking offense
[29:36] High performance coaching
[31:56] Message to the past self
[33:29] Message from the future self

"When I was really little, I thought that all you had to do to go to heaven, and this is still pretty much what my belief is, be at peace within yourself."

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