Understanding your Feminine and Masculine Energy in Relationships with Lyn Smith

All About The Voice

29-04-2022 • 40 min

Lyn Smith is a relationship transformation expert and host of the Hearts Entwined Podcast.

Lyn cares and personally understands what it’s like to have suffered sexual violence (in her teens) and how that negatively affected her personal relationships; she subsequently turned all that around and now has a lasting healthy relationship which is full of passion, intimacy and fulfilment.

4:30 What keeps us stuck in a paralyzed state

9:00 The importance of loving ourselves

12:30 Feminine and masculine energy

17:30 How to create a passionate energy

21:00 How Lyn helps her clients in their interaction

25:30 How women and men seek help

30:00 Getting clarity in what you want in a relationship

34:00 All will be well in the end

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