Conscious Parenting - with Robert Saul MD

All About The Voice

11-02-2022 • 36 min

Robert Saul MD, pediatrician, medical geneticist, educator, administrator and author deeply cares for all children. With over 44 years of medical practice Robert Saul MD has developed a keen awareness about parenting skills: how to raise children to be good citizens and how to improve our communities.

His advocacy for children  has led him to write the books for parents that provide a multi-dimensional approach to parenting in a refreshingly new way.

Robert Saul MD is a voice for conscious parenting and radical empathy , and this is his story.

[3:32] Five steps to becoming the best parent you can be
[8:00] Forgiveness and parenting
[11:22] Radical empathy and compassion
[14:12] Conscious parenting
[22:22] Prescription for good citizenship
[25:52] Advocating for children
[27:34] A list of books about children for parents
[29:33] Message to the past self
[32:13] Message from the future self

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