Calling to Awake and Move Mountains with Tanya Valentin

All About The Voice

11-03-2022 • 32 min

Tanya Valentine felt stuck within a false dream of domestication of apartheid South Africa. Her spirit called her to awakening through a series of challenges that she calls her life apprenticeship.

Today Tanya is a teacher and has  authored two books, including When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains. Tanya uses Archetype work, Storytelling, NLP, REBT, Havening and her AWAKE mentoring framework to support women to claim their crown as the Queen of their own lives!

For over a decade Tanya has worked with women to understand, love and heal the relationship that they have with themselves.

Tanya Valentin is  a voice for Awakening, and this is her story.

[1:40] Domestication and awakening
[7:12] Shadow and gift sides  of the genes
[9:15] Decisions that created patterns
[12:48] From passing fear and limitations to setting an example
[15:05] I worry vs I believe
[17:11] A near-death experience of a child and writing a book
[21:15] When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains
[24:47] Message to the past self
[26:27] Message from the future self

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