Freedom to Lead - with Skye Barbour

All About The Voice

14-01-2022 • 37 min

Leaving a successful corporate career to start your own business is scary enough. Doing so while 5 month-pregnant with mommy guilt attached, Skye Barbour has proven that all of us have a choice.

Today a freedom, leadership, and business coach, Skye helps other entrepreneurs to create a life full of freedom identifying and removing 4 leadership blocks.

Skye Barbour is a voice for freedom of choice, and this is her story.

[1:25] Be a great mommy or make a great money?
[4:48] 4 blocks that keep you small in business
[10:55] Responsibility and burn out
[15:26] Do what you do best
[17:42] Mindset challenges, perfectionism and critical block
[22:39] Leadership, independence and vulnerability
[26:11] Slow down to speed up
[29:25] Message to the past self
[31:55] Message from the future self
[33:28] Freedom Blocks quiz

“True strength is when you step into your power, and you recognize the things that you should be doing, and you recognize the things that you shouldn't, and you find brilliant people who are better than you to come and fill those voids .” - Skye Barbour

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“So often we commit to the scared selves, and we're trying to do what we think we should want . And it's a recipe for a failure”.  - Victoria Rader

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