The True Meaning of Healing - with Goran Karna

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17-12-2021 • 35 min

Goran Karna has been practicing and teaching healing for over 30 years. Through the Civil War in Yugoslavia, through the tragic loss of his parents, and through many health challenges, he has learned the true meaning of healing.

Today, Goran has combined his life experience and wisdom into Integration Healing.
Goran Karna is a voice for healing and this is his story.

[3:07] What is healing?
[7:35] My radiant body program
[9:20] Acceptance of healing
[13:42] Personal transformational journey "it's not about me"
[16:56] The higher truth
[19:43] Pre-fetal and fetal healing
[25:35] About connection with parents
[28:07] Message to the past self
[29:13] Tragic loss of his mother
[31:07] Message from the future self

"In your heart chakra , you have all knowledge."

"Love is the highest reality in this universe, and forgiveness is the highest expression of this love."

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