Fineninenews.com Book writer part one.

19-06-2022 • 27 min

Listen to Reason! According to the unabridged American English Dictionary, there are two categories. of Spirit Beings -- AGATHODEMONS (Good Spirits) and CACODEMONS (Evil Spirits), but . the Writer adds a third category and calls it CAGATHODEMONS (a combination 'of the Cacodemon and Agathode- mon cla·ssification), meaning, those Spirits who are EVIL AND GOOD or GOOD AND EVIL. One reason for the third category or classification the fact that ALL Gods and Goddesses in the bottom half of the Smat Circle of Order have a NEGATIVE SIDE (like everybody and else have oppo- sites within themselves), and this means that the main Category of Spirits can fit into any of the three cate- gories, depending on likes and dislikes, the time and the season, and The Laws and Cycles of Nature. However, all Spirits are not Gods and Goddesses, and thereby, have to fit into the good or evil classification, only. Because, if a spirit is not a God or Goddesses, it is A HELPER-SPIRIT who follows orders to do good, if the nature of the Spirit is good, or follows orders to do evil, if the nature of the Spirit is evil. Like all intelligent organizations, spirits organization has CHAIN-Of-COMMAND, meaning, the higher in rank gives orders or cornman'ds to the lower in rank. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

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