252 - The Days of Noah Podcast interviews Jed!

Church & Other Drugs

28-02-2023 • 1 hora 18 min

Greetings, Congregation! This week, Jed was a guest on the new podcast, The Days of Noah! Pete and Luke interview Jed and they talk about Jed's current beliefs and views on the nephilim, revelation, aliens, UFOs, government conspiracies, church, AA and every thing in-between! be sure to like, subscribe and follow their podcast and show them some love from the congregation! podcast: The Days of Noah music: Acid Rain by Lorn Capital Karma by Manchester Orchestra churchandotherdrugs@gmail.com patreon.com/churchandotherdrugs storefrontier.com/churchandotherdrugs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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