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17-05-2023 • 10 min

Today I want to share with you an Exclusive Interview we did with Grant Cardone...but first, let me give you the Quote of the Day....
QUOTE OF THE DAY...Grant Cardone, "Marketing is the number one most misunderstood & neglected activity in business."
So Lets talk about our exclusive interview with Grant Cardone.
Many of you know that I am a author and contributor to the Magazine Valiant CEO.  This magazine is just exploding online with well over 100,000 unique viewers right now monthly.
I had the opportunity to interview some pretty big names in the industry like Marcus Lamonis from The Profit on CNBC and Nick Santonastasso and a few other big big names in the space.
And, last month one of the guys I work with in several business ventures Jed Morley had the opportunity to interview Grant Cardone and it brought out a ton of great thoughts, strategies and tips I thought I would share with you today.
For those of you that don't know Jed Morley, he is a super successful entrepreneur, speaker and expert in the payments and merchant services space.  He owns several businesses and is just an expert when it comes to growing business revenue.
He interviewed Grant Cardone for the Cover of Valiant CEO Magazine in March and I though the interview would be great to highlight on this episode.
And...for those of you that have been living under a rock (haha) Grant Cardone is an Entrepreneur, Author and CEO of a Multi-Billion Dollar Business Empire.  He has written 21 best selling programs and his 10X Business Conference is THE mega business event each year.  he was also named by Forbes Magazine the #1 Marketer to watch.
Grant says he is (right now) in the best shape of his life, launched 10X Health, and is unveiling multiple Reality TV Shows and Docuseries covering entrepreneur and business topics.
You can check out the full interview and article on ValiantCEO.com, but there were several things that Grand had to say that I felt was worth highlighting...and I hope will help you 10X Your Business and Life.
1-  Grant said that success for him this year means they would 10X their customer base, investors and partners.  He feels the more people he serves the more success stories they will have.
Great advice for your business as well.
2-  Grant also was asked what advice he wished he had received earlier on in his business journey and this is what he said...
"I wish someone would have helped me with financial targets & thinking big."
It's interesting that he would point out thinking big and also the practicality of understanding finance, which he later said was to help him "scale business".
NOTE:  Grant also mentions he is an AVID reader and books have really added to his knowledge, success and staying curious in business.
3-  I like that Jed asked Grant about "What is in his opinion the greatest challenge in business right now."  His answer was great...
"The biggest challenge in businesses today is twofold:  One, getting out of obscurity with the public so that they trust you as a business entity or service, and the second biggest problem is cashflow. Most people have no clue how to manage cash flow, many don't even know how to create it, and most, if not at all, have no clue how to scale it."
This is 100% right on the money...no pun intended.  Because the reason I formed the Daily Mastermind was to offer knowledge and education around Personal, Financial, and Business Mastery.  I don't think (even successful entrepreneurs) understand how to manage cashflow in their business and they waste their funds and opportunities because of it.
4-  My favorite part of the interview was when Grant talked about Marketing being the #1 misunderstood & NEGLECTED activity in business.
He went on to say that the #1 role as an executive for him was to become a Promotional Facility...and the #2 and #3 role as well.
People need to know who you are and what you do!!
The interview ended with Grant Talking about his Business Super powers as being MARKETING, PERSISTENCE, AND TARGET ATTAINMENT....Love it.  Wise advice from a Proven Leader.
I hope these ideas and responses gave you some things to think about and also FOCUS on.  Success leaves clues so stop trying to figure it out yourself and follow or be mentored by already Successful People like Grant.
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and go check out ValiantCEO and great articles and interview from Jed Morley and the TEAM.
Thanks for listening.
George Wright
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