Raising the Unshakable

License to Parent with Trace Embry

20-11-2023 • 28 min

Raising the Unshakable When raising kids, it’s important that parents raise them to be unshakeable. But what exactly does that mean? Today, we are continuing our discussion with author Lauren Gaines about instilling an unshakable spirit into our kids and teens, and what that looks like. Discussing Resilience with Lauren Gaines. Lauren is an author, speaker, teacher, and mother. She is the creator of Inspired Motherhood, an online community for moms, and author of Unshakeable Kids. Today, Lauren is a busy mom of three, and her unique approach to parenthood can be credited to her masters degree in school psychology. Episode Highlights: Is there a void of ‘grit’ in today’s kids? Why is it important to not be too gentle when raising kids in today’s society? How can parents create a loving bond without constantly pacifying their kids? Can discipline be an act of love? Are parents prioritizing the right things? Is society pressuring women to do too much? Image from Canva