Family Life

License to Parent with Trace Embry

21-08-2023 • 28 min

Family Life A parent's love for their children is immeasurable. For most of us, this love seems to be wired into us from the moment our first child is born. But is it possible that this unconditional love, despite good intentions, could be misdirected? Something that can block God’s design for a healthy family? Dennis Rainey talks to us about choosing a life that matters and about loving our kids, our spouse, and our God in ways that can help make family life the good life. Loving Your Kids, Spouse, and God Effectively with Dennis Rainey Dennis Rainey and his wife Barbara Rainey are founders of the family and marriage ministry Family Life. They have devoted their lives to seeing marriages thrive and individuals grow in their relationship with God. Dennis is a pastor, a popular author and speaker, and for over 25 years he was the host of the radio program Family Life Today. Dennis longs to empower people to live in courageous faith as they parent their kids and love their spouses well. Episode Highlights: What is God’s ecosystem? What are the three most important relationships in life? How is true success measured? What is a life that “matters?" What is the quote that brought Dennis freedom? Image from Canva