Enough is Enough

License to Parent with Trace Embry

07-08-2023 • 28 min

Enough is Enough It is obvious that we are raising our kids in a nation that has veered from the Christian morals and moreens that helped make America a global superpower. Consequently, our children are now being abused as a logical outworking of this moral veering. So what is a wise and godly parent to do for today? We will be talking with Donna Rice Hughes about how we can bring a semblance of sanity and spiritual grounding back into our homes and hopefully back into our nation as well. Discussing the Internet with Donna Rice Hughes Donna Rice Hughes works hard to protect our children from internet predators. She is the President and CEO of Enough is Enough and also is an internationally known internet safety expert, author, speaker, and producer. Donna’s vision, expertise, and advocacy have helped to birth the internet safety movement in America at the advent of the digital age. For 30 years Donna has been working hard to make the internet safe for your kids and family. She has developed and spearheaded the National Safe Wifi Campaign which is calling on corporate America to filter pornography and child sex abuse images off of public wifi. As a result of these efforts, two major companies that own stores all across America are now filtering wifi in their stores. Episode Highlights: What word does Trace say some people argue that started America’s loss of morality? What hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance does Trace point out? How did the redefinition of “freedom” lead to many of our problems today? What is Enough is Enough? What happened to the underground black market crimes when the internet debuted? Image from Canva