Building Strong Marriages

License to Parent with Trace Embry

13-11-2023 • 28 min

Building Strong Marriages It has been commonly understood that stronger marriages have always helped to produce healthier and more well-adjusted children. There are many studies on this topic. Today we will talk with Bob Lepine about his most recent book, “Build A Stronger Marriage”. Discussing Marriage with Bob Lepine Bob Lepine is best known to radio and podcast listeners as the long-time co-host of Family Life Today. Now you can hear him on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg. Bob is a pastor and he serves in various other ministries. In his spare time, he writes books. Bob and his wife Mary Ann live in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have five children and 10 grandchildren. Episode Highlights: What sense does a strong marriage give to the children? What fundamental, when addressed, helps secure marriages? What has happened to marriage in America? First and foremost- what kind of relationship is marriage? In what way is marriage emblematic of the godhead? Image from Canva