In His Image

License to Parent with Trace Embry

11-09-2023 • 28 min

In His Image We learned from the creation story that God didn’t do anything random. Day One God created the light, Day Two was the sky, and so forth. Then we come to Day Six. After God created the animals He made humans. Here are the words from Genesis 1:27, “So God created mankind in His own image. In the image of God, He created them. Male and Female, He created them.” What it means to be male and female is really coming into question today. Or rather, it is coming under hard scrutiny today. The government, doctors, counselors, teachers, and more are telling our children that they get to decide “What is a woman?” Today we will be talking to the director and producer of a film called “In His Image”. Discussing Gender Identity with Tim Wildmon and Kendra White Tim Wildmon is the executive director of “In His Image”. He is also president American Family Association and American Family Radio. American Family Association is a national organization that advocates for Biblical teaching on morality and values. Tim also hosts a daily program on Amercian Family Radios 180+ stations. Tim and his wife Alison have three children and seven grandchildren. Kendra White is the producer for American Family Studios which is the film division of American Family Association. She co-wrote and directed American Family Studio’s first feature film “Summer Snow” with her brother Jeremy White. Kendra is passionately pursuing Christ and loves to encourage other women to fall in love with the Savior who has stolen her heart. Kendra is married and has one daughter. Episode Highlights: What was the inspiration behind the making of "In His Image"? What are the proposed reasons for the astronomical growth in women transitioning? What is the difference between gender dysphoria and gender confusion? What was the simple reality that the 11-year-old girl was struggling with which had her convinced she was gay? Who does the LGBTQ+ community want to be to your children? Image from Canva