Feelings Pt. 2

License to Parent with Trace Embry

31-07-2023 • 28 min

Feelings Pt. 2 Last time on License to Parent we talked with John Rosemond about the mental health crisis and how it is affecting our teens. Mr. Rosemond said, “My contention is that it all goes back to the fact that we followed the herd in the early 1970s and we radically overhauled our parenting practices and we “fixed” something that wasn’t broken and we are paying a terrible price for that.” Today we continue this conversation. Discussing Mental Health with John Rosemond John is a family psychologist, best-selling author, and a popular speaker on parenting issues. He is husband to his wife, Wilma, of 55 years, father to two successful adults, and grandfather to seven well-behaved grandchildren. John’s goal is to help you parent with love and leadership and to raise responsible adults. You can find his website here. Episode Highlights: What difference has Trace seen in parents and kids since smartphones came out in the early 2000s? What does John say about the statistical data that the mental health field is helping reduce the mental health problem in America? What does Trace say about epigenetics? What is one of the most popular questions in psychology from a psychologist to their client? What does John have to say about that question? Image from Canva