Ask Trace

License to Parent with Trace Embry

04-12-2023 • 28 min

Ask Trace In today's societal landscape parents are faced with tough decisions. Raising their children in a manner that aligns with their faith often requires a denial of certain activities that their peers might enjoy. During our co-host, Michelle Hill's own childhood this meant not being allowed to go to movie theaters, a source of disagreement within her household. Navigating cultural norms and effective parenting can lead to some tough questions. Discussing Parenting with Trace Embry Trace Embry is the Founder of Shepherd’s Hill Academy, a Christ-centered, outdoor-focused, year-long, therapeutic boarding academy for troubled youth. Trace and his wife Beth started Shepherd’s Hill Academy in 2001 to bring healing to hurting families. They came to Christ after becoming parents and learned a lot through that process as well as in their leadership roles at Shepherd’s Hill. Trace is also the author of “The Miracles of Shepherd’s Hill: An Extraordinary Odyssey of Divine Interventions” which accounts for the full journey of how Trace and Beth came to where they are now. Episode Highlights: Trace sheds light on the most misguided statement any parent might make. The importance of parental guidance: "If you don’t train your children, who will?" Identifying the "right ways" to effectively raise children, as highlighted by Trace. An exploration of whether God truly holds sway within American households. The potential outcomes when parenting adheres strictly to prevailing cultural norms. Image from Canva