The 17% List: Has the Needle Moved? 📈

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02-02-2022 • 16 min

The 17% List: Has the Needle Moved? 📈

This week, Nadia joined Georgia, part of the Marketing Team here at Harrington Starr, to announce the recent change from 17% to 19% on the Fintech with Nadia: The DEI Discussions podcast.

Clearly, things are going in the right direction and the pair are here to celebrate that and to talk about how we can accelerate this positive change even more!

Reports in early 2020 showed that only 17% of all technology roles in the UK were filled by women. This low figure is a reflection of what needs to change; we need to hire and support more women in the space because despite what people may think, women DO exist in tech.

We are honoured to have contributed to the recent progression made in moving the needle for change and will continue to spread awareness beyond when it reaches an acceptable number!