Dr. Hannah Nazri on Living My Wildest Dreams

HE with Refie Redzuan

19-10-2023 • 29 min

In this episode, Dr. Hannah Nazri defines what it means to lead a life beyond her imagination. She lives her wildest dreams by moving past her reflections and celebrating her triumphs. The formidable circumstances in her early days did not stop her from becoming the person she aspired to be. Today, she is an academic clinical fellow of the National Institute for Health and Care Research and a specialty trainee doctor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Warwick. She also founded the Malaysian Doctors for Women and Children in 2021, a community of Malaysian doctors passionate about the academic and scientific discourse of non-medical cultural practices that affect women and children in Malaysia. She shares her take on freedom through the feminist lens, how she dials in her authentic self to live her best, and how her aspiration in life fuels the drive to stay in the game and keep exploring something new. • The podcast is powered by https://hghynutrition.com