Faizdickie on Finding Me

HE with Refie Redzuan

12-10-2023 • 52 min

In this exclusive episode, Faizdickie reveals the journey of self-discovery, the founding of Faizdickie Creative Studio, and the parody he impersonates. HE uncovers his life's most challenging moments, how he escapes the ordinary by becoming a sensational award-winning social media influencer, how his late mother’s piece of heirloom exerts his character, and how he utilizes his influence against a colossal of followers to make a difference and turn dreams into reality. Faizdickie appeals to succeed in an extraordinary life, exploring the person beyond the screen and what #villagepeople means to him. However, his relentless effort to stay relevant won’t hinder him from trending within the rapid growth of other contenders. • The podcast is powered by https://hghynutrition.com