Dr. Isaac Aloysius on Reinventing General Practice

HE with Refie Redzuan

23-11-2023 • 56 min

In this episode, Dr. Isaac Aloysius distinguishes general practice and family medicine as HE explores the specialty characteristics in his career and how he commits to personal and professional development in leading toward better patient outcomes and advocating to create change by reinventing the fundamentals of general practice. As a primary care physician based in Britain, he stands firmly focused on preventative medicine to promote overall well-being and to prioritize patients over profit. Policymakers in the healthcare industry have to support a more comprehensive, dynamic, and thriving unexploited system. HE also believes that general practitioners should approach a holistic model that includes honest medical opinions and provide organic alternatives to medicine. Reinventing general practice is a two-way solution. Everyone involved plays a crucial role in delivering a better care experience. • The podcast is powered by https://hghynutrition.com