Nadia Halim Dziobkowska on Looking for The Magic in Every Blip

HE with Refie Redzuan

09-03-2023 • 46 min

In this episode, Nadia Halim Dziobkowska defines her rendition of the word ‘blip’. HE unfolds the story of searching for the magic to live extraordinarily and celebrating her most precious moments in creating something new, her upcoming cosmetic and beauty line @BlipbyNadiaHalim. The founding of Blip truly reflects a pragmatic approach for women to regain their confidence through the philosophical spirit of living uniquely and authentically by eliminating doubts, instilling the idea to believe in themselves, and be magically bold and ‘un-blip-ably’ beautiful. She unlocks the key to her secrets of how she accelerates and shifts her astronomical success behind the magic of ‘Nadia Halim’ and what maneuvers the next course of life from her painful past to lead a colorful, cheerful, and magical life.