Stand by Me with Deena Marzuki

HE with Refie Redzuan

07-09-2023 • 1 hora 13 min

In this opening episode of Season 3, HE honors Deena Marzuki and PCOS Awareness Month for a conversation to talk about how she defines her definition of ‘stand by me’ and what it means to her relationship. She reveals the tales behind her recovery from battling years of addiction, the miraculous IVF and sobriety experience, the founding of PCOS Support Association, a non-profit organization and owning her self-worth in raising her only daughter Reyna to regain the strength and sensibility to turn her life around and make it through together. Ultimately, she is here to tell a story of an everyday woman’s life-transforming and emotional journey on family, work, pain and struggles into opportunities that have helped thousands of people through her advocacy that provides resources to transcend a new purpose, enriched and positive meaningful life. • Support this podcast—