Watcher of the Damned

Big Sky Podcasting, LLC

Big Sky Podcasting is proud to present the first episode of Watcher of the Damned: TransMutation Texas, a show based upon the works of R.H. Snow. The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Texas, similar in plot to some RPGs on gaming systems. However, everything is delivered with a twist of lime, and from the viewpoint of a Texan. The settings are based on real-life locations. The storyline details the events of The Watcher and the remnants of the Texas Rangers. A terrible virus targeting both men and women has made reproduction near impossible, with different factions of the Texas wasteland vying for control of its people.The Watcher is a stoic, TransMutated man that shoots from the hip and has a tendency to ask questions later. Formerly an agent of the previous government, and a writer in his life and soul, he documents and travels across the Texas Wasteland in search of a mysterious Afterling. Listen on each week as we tell the story of, the Watcher. read less