Episode 005: The Military Turns you into a Leader with Jorge Machado

The Phil Wall Show

27-09-2022 • 2 h 48 min

In this episode, we hear from Marine Corps Veteran Jorge Machado. Jorge grew up in the Northern part of Venezuela and came to the United States with his mom at 15 years old. He went on to join the Marine Corps as an 0352 (Anti-Tank Missileman) and later become a naturalized citizen just before his military career ended. He then transitioned to school where he utilized his GI Bill to gain his Master's Degree. One internship opened the door for him to get in the door of the finance world, and his leadership skills that he gained during his time in the service propelled him into a role that he became very good at. This episode will serve to remind you that lessons you learn during your time of service can drastically affect where you go in life.

Enjoy the show!