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Are you ready to simplify your sales & learn to sell in a way that feels good and brings in more consistent cash? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re doing all the things on social media, but it’s not converting… You feel like you have inconsistent cash months, and you desire more recurring revenue… Simply put, you just want to sell in a way that is fun without feeling sales-y… Then, sit back & enjoy ALL the juicy sales tips & tricks from the SALES QUEEN herself, Jillian Murphy. read less
ep. 130 Building Your Team to Increase Your Sales w/ Lia Garvin
ep. 130 Building Your Team to Increase Your Sales w/ Lia Garvin
In today's economic climate, it's crucial for businesses of all sizes to find ways to maximize productivity and efficiency. My guest, Lia Garvin, shares her expertise on how to do more with less, ensuring that every team member is focused on the right tasks to drive success. As business owners, CEOs, founders, and managers, one of our top priorities is to create a strong and cohesive team. Lia, the team whisperer, show us practical strategies for building better teams. From effective communication to setting working norms, you'll gain valuable insights to enhance team dynamics.   [00:02:27] Navigating corporate world dynamics. [00:04:38] Part-time consultant for corporations. [00:07:21] Meeting agendas and productivity. [00:10:36] The most gratifying moment. [00:13:06] Practical tools for managers. [00:17:07] Tailored and targeted experiences.   CONNECT WITH LIA: Follow Her on Instagram: @lia.garvin Ops Playbook $$ Savings Calculator - calculator to see how much money you could be saving in your business every single month by implementing the Ops Playbook Thriving Team Scorecard - a checklist of 20 things you can do THIS MONTH (and every month) to be a better manager and team leader CONNECT WITH JILLIAN Follow me: @thejillianmurphy Visit my website: Join my Free Facebook Community: Join the Sales Queen Collective: Get On The Sales & Social Waitlist: CLICK HERE Get On The Sales Society Waitlist: CLICK HERE